20. Cazwell

Damn…Wait what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Cazwell. He’s one of the biggest New York gaylebrities. He’s been called Gay-Z. This sexy piece of meat frequents gay club stereos because of his sexy words, videos featuring shirtless hotties (like himself) and bright colors, all of which happen to be on every gay’s Christmas wish list. He has collaborated with all the gay greats: Colton Ford, Amanda Lepore and even the queen of foul lyrics herself, Peaches.

Most Tuesdays he brings his beefcake self at G Lounge in Chelsea. If you haven’t heard of him, think of his style as gay Eminem, however rather than rapping about his anger, he talks about being a semen painter. He’s apparently working on new music for an album that may come out this year. He talks about it in a Huffington Post article. Hopefully it will contain his style of you’re-a-douche-but-sexy  lyrics, like these:

From “The Sex That I Need”:

I rocked his world with mad stamina
hot like panama, shot like an enema
I’m sending your ass back to the store to get some rubbers
so I can change the covers”

From “Watch My Mouth”:

“Take off the Speedo
I’ll eat you like a Cheeto
You knew I was a freak
Don’t look surprised
When your ankles end up behind your eyes”

From “All Over Your Face”:

baby, its all over your face
looks like you’ve been eating paste
I came too close in your direction,
DNA on your complexion

He’s so hot. I would eat his fries anyday. Follow his Twitter @CAZWELLnyc.


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