18. Using Words Black Women Created


We steal words strong black women originated. It may be our admiration of divas or our obsession with sass, but gays definitely have stolen millions of words that black women created. Like what you ask? Here are a few notable examples:

Fierce: Gay men stole fierce with a vengeance. It is now a gay word exclusively. This may be because of Christian Siriano but really, gay men were going to steal fierce regardless. It’s such a great adjective to describe everything gay men love. Gays enjoy getting in the zone when dancing, singing, hell even just walking down the road brushing hos off.

Girl (aka ‘Gurl’ or ‘Guh’): 

We stole girl and we ran with it. Now gay men in New York (and everywhere really) call each other girl. Maybe it’s because we wanted to reclaim the word as a statement against stereotypes in the way that some girls call themselves the top bitch. Or maybe it just made us giggle.

Work: This is another word gays just love using. It means to strut your stuff better than those haters. We adopted work, however in the gay community it has levels.

Cut a bitch- Gays, we can be nice but sometimes people do something so out of order that you just have to cut a bitch. You can’t be blamed if a bitch cutting is in order. What is so great about the expression is that although there certainly have been innovations in combat weapons such as guns or even tasers, there’s something about cutting a bitch like a steak that still appeals to us.

Thirsty: This is one of the most secret words that only gays and black women know about. I hate to share it publicly, but I hope I will further unite gays and black girls everywhere. When one is thirsty it isn’t water or a can of soda that is needed. No, when a gay is thirsty it means he needs a man right now. When you go to a gay bar and you smell the desperation in the air, you know there be some thirsty girls on the prowl. I’ll use it in a sentence so you get its usage: “I was going to have Greg over to hang out with my boyfriend and I but lately he has been one thirsty guh.”